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STARK High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motors

High quality HV motors for longlasting reliable drive systems

High quality squirrel cage motors from STARK

STARK High Voltage squirrel cage motors are the answer to the demand for powerful and robust electric motors that meet European standards and at the same time are available at a very favorable price at an extensive network of European distributors.

About STARK HV motors

As engineers with over 20 years experience, we know that each High Voltage Squirrel Cage motor is unique.

For new projects, we deliver a powerful motor exactly according to the supplied data and drawings. Next to that, we also co-engineer: we collaborate with you to build the motor that suits the project’s required drive power, efficiency and protection needs. All components can be tailored and specific parts can be added. The customization possibilities are limitless.

In the case of a reproduction, we know how to replicate the motor exactly. Based on drawings, datasheet and testdata, we create, select and assemble the right frame, components, size, cooling and electrical performance.

Characteristics of STARK HV motors

The STARK organization and our HV Motors are further characterized by:

  • Best price / quality ratio
  • 2 year warranty
  • Fast, professional & proactive
  • 24/7 problem solving
  • Global player
  • IEC & NEMA executions
  • Extensive testing according to EU quality standards

Top 4 reasons to choose for STARK HV motors

Choosing for a HV electric motor of STARK means that you benefit from unparalleled advantages. Over the last 3 years our 10 global production facilities have successfully manufatured more than 2.000 HV electric motors worldwide.

Below you find the 4 most important reasons why 200+ companies like yours, use our HV motors in their machines.

Urgent & Custom Production

  • Our “skip-the-line production” gives priority to your order, saving you time up to 30%
  • Limitless customization possibilities
  • Swift 1:1 replacement
  • ~25% shorter delivery times

EU-based Professionals

  • High-end and economy HV motors engineered according to your project scope and budget
  • European reliability based on Swiss precision and German quality
  • Skilled engineers with over 20 years experience in DC, AC and special HV motors.

Realtime Status Updates

  • You are always up to date on development- , testing- and shipping progress
  • Introducing individual flexible payment for development assurance and investment control
  • 24/7 Multichannel and multimedia information access

Multichannel Support

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Call, chat, email & video conferencing
  • Fast offering: within 5 days
  • Representation in 20+ countries

STARK Excellence guarantees Swiss engineering and German quality High Voltage solutions worldwide.

Features & Technical Data

STARK HV squirrel cage motors are manufactured according to the technical specifications below. However, depending on the specific needs, we can also manufacture any High Voltage squirrel cage motor according to output, voltage, efficiency and bearing needs.

On request your squirrel cage motor can be equipped with various additional components, sensors and protection devices like PT100 bearings & winding, heater, insulated bearings,  insulated bearing seats, reinforced bearings, regreasing device, encoder installation, brush lifting systems, external fan, protective cover and special painting.

Please contact us for a tailormade offer.


Output: up to 20MW

Voltage: up to 13.8kV (@60Hz)

# of poles: 2 – 12

Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

Frame size: 315 – 900 or custom

Standards: IEC, NEMA

Frame type: cast iron


Cooling: IC411, IC01, IC416, IC611, IC616, IC666, IC81W, IC86W, IC511

Insulation: F/B, H

Bearings: Sleeve Bearings RENK, SKF, FAG

Protection: IP23, IP55, IP65

Mounting: B3, V1

Terminal box: Left, Right

Dimensions: custom

STARK High Voltage project timeline

We differentiate ourselves by streamlining the entire High Voltage project timeline. Every phase is optimized for speed without losing important details in the communication.

days HV lead time

This means that we can have your brand new squirrel cage motor on transport within 60 days after receiving your inquiry.

Low operating costs
Robust design
High Efficiency

Contact us

Can we help you with your HV Squirrel Cage motor project? Please send an inquiry.
We´ll respond within 1 working day.

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